Staff Meeting Highlights - Aug

August 3, 2011

The following are highlights from the August 3, 2011 Staff Meeting.
Present:Msgr. Mike Yarbrough, Fr. Martin Garcia, Joaquin B. Martinez, Ana Rosa Lane, Martha Sandoval, Gloria Barretto. Craig Koett, Rosa Becnel, John Dulske, Kristin Casas, Sherry Drury, Cecilia Greene, Eric Mejia, Excused: Doug Stolo, Debbie Gray, Lizzette Kranz, Guest: Darnell Waun
Opening Prayer: Msgr. Mike led the staff in an opening prayer.
Implementation Committee Update: Darnell gave an update on the implementation of the 3rdEdition of the Roman Missal.  The starting date for this to be done is the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011.  The committee began in February 2011.  This committee has representatives from various aspects of the parish: Sheila Morse (Music Ministry); Mike Cleary(Clergy); Bernie & Carolin DeNisio (Adult Education); Sherry Drury (Staff); J.J. Hansbrough (Knights of Columbus); Phil & Linda Clark (Young Adults) and Kristin Casas (Faith Formation).  There is no change in the Spanish translation, hence there is no need to include an Hispanic.  Change is only for the English-speaking countries.  The group in charge of the translation is ICEL – International Committee on English in the Liturgy.  The two goals of the committee are: (1) Parish leaders to be informed and formed with resources for this change; and (2) Help the Assembly to participate in a “full, conscience and active” way.  The committee uses “transition” and change” in this manner: Change is external; Transition is internal by each individual.  Since Vatican II, 58% of the Church proper has only experienced the current liturgy and its familiar words and phrases.  The loss of the familiar could be an issue – as well as anxiety – for the Assembly.  The Mass is not changing.  The language used is changing.  Patience is a necessary virtue as this change in language comes into place.  Catechesis material is being ordered.  Some small groups have already begun this education.  We will be getting two catechetical materials for the parish.  One is entitled, “Understanding the Revised Mass Texts” from LTP.  This is for the adults.  For Faith Formation, we are getting “What’s New about the Mass?”  A plan is already in place for the Faith Formation, 2nd-5thgrades, for insertion into the FF process.  Faith Formation begins September 12-14th…We will have pew cards to help assist the Assembly in the changes.  The changes will be in RED…AB Gustavo has approved of the early starting on two of the changes: the Gloria and the Holy, Holy.  We can begin introducing the new changes beginning September 1st…The next Music Ministers meeting is scheduled for August 6th…There are 106 mass settings available.  The committee has whittled it down to 40, then to 6 and is now considering three (3).  All of the Music Ministers will look at these.  These are the ones that are simple, yet beautiful and easy for all to learn.  They are: Mass of Renewal – Curtis Stephen; Mass of Renewal – Bill Gokerman and David Kaufman; and Mass for a New World – David Haas…The next Implementation Committee meeting is August 9that 7PM…A suggestion is to use Catechetical Sunday, September 22nd, as a starting date for the parish to become more aware of these changes.  There are lots of homily aids on the USCCB website…We will be getting new hymnals as a result of these changes.  The best prospect seems to be the St. Augustine Hymnal.  All of the Music Ministers are collecting the songs that need to be included in the edition we are using…Msgr. Mike thanked Darnell for his commitment to this and his succinct presentation to the Staff.  He will be offering a similar presentation to the PPC at their September 12thmeeting.

Introductions: Fr. Martin Garcia and Eric Mejia, our new Faith Formation personnel, introduced themselves to the Staff.  This was the first formal meeting with the Staff.
Craig: Reminded the Staff that August 15this a Staff holiday…Emily will be leaving us to return to college soon…He is scheduling the Staff for phone duty for one hour to cover lunches…Kristin Casas has agreed to become a full time staff member.
Sherry:She reminded the staff of the upcoming adult faith formation opportunities.  These included
a. This Man is You, Saturday mornings, Men only!
b. Spanish Bible Study, Tuesday mornings
c. Bible Time Line,Monday evenings and Wednesdays mornings.
d. Catholic Scripture Study – John, Wednesday mornings.
e. Theology of the Body, Friday mornings and Wednesday evenings
f.      Endow, TBD
Registration for all of these is to take place the weekends of August 20-21; August 27-28thand September 10-11th…There will be child care available, dependent on the need for each group…Spanish ACTS takes place for the men at Omega Retreat Center, in November; Spanish ACTS for the women takes place in January 5-8th, 2012 at Cordi-Marian…Ernie Martinez is the director and Gabriel Marrufo is the co-director.  For the women, Sheila Rosario is the director…Couples Shared Prayer this year is being led by Mike & Cindy Gonzalez and Billy & Kathy Johnson.  Their retreat is at Cordi-Marian, October 21-23rd…RCIA for Adults will have its first session on Wednesday, August 31st, 7PM.  The same is to take place for the RCIA for Adults adapted for Children.  Sponsors are needed for those considering joining our faith.  If you are willing to do so, or know of someone you would recommend, please contact Sherry with your suggestion and their name…Deacon Jerry Micek will have an Adult Confirmation class, beginning in September, on Thursday nights.  This is only for those who lack that Initiation Sacrament, that is, they have received Baptism and First Eucharist but not the Sacrament of Confirmation.  He currently has nine (9) enrolled…Baptismal Classes will be held in September, October and November, none in August or December.  These are usually held the last Monday of the month, in the Church…We currently have twenty-eight (28) marriages that are in process.
John: He informed the staff that our new maintenance personnel, Roberto Contreras-Jimenz will be joining the staff soon…On September 17th, a Sunday, “Three Tenors” will be performing at the Banquet Hall for charity.  The sponsor for this is Luciano’s Pizza..
Kristin: She reported on the upcoming Faith Formation…All Catechists will be receiving a blessing on the weekend of September 21-22nd…Faith Formation starts September 12th…Elementary Faith Formation  forms are available online.  Parents can download the forms and have them ready to turn in when Elementary registration opens on August 11, 2011.  We cannot accept forms before this date.  Since we operate in a traditional class setting, we are limited to the number of children that can register for each class.  This is why we have parents who line up anxiously because they fear that the class time and grade level they need for their schedule will be filled up.  Middle school and high school programs are not under the same constraint, so the registration process can be run differently for those programs…Faith Formation will be using new forms for registration this year.  There will be a separate form for each program (Elementary, Faith Formation, EDGE and LifeTeen) as well as separate forms for each sacrament that a child will be preparing for.  This is the same model that St. Mark uses and it seems to cut down on confusion for them so we have decided to try it this year…We have 44 catechists who have committed their time and talent for the upcoming school year.  We still need at least 32 more catechists in order to cover  all our classes so we are over halfway there!  We may need to start making pulpit announcements after registration begins to fill in the remaining openings.  We usually recruit a good number of catechists while registering the children so I will have a better idea of how many more catechists are needed by August 15th.
Msgr. Mike: He reported on the following items to the Staff.
       Senior Luncheon for 2011 will be October 26th, 11:30AM, Banquet Hall.  
       This will include Mass and the Anointing of the Sick during the Liturgy.
       Welcome New Parishioner Dinner– September 7, 2011, Banquet Hall, 7:15-8:30PM
       New Computers– Some of the staff need an upgrade on their computers.
       Names for St. Peter Upon the Water – He will follow up with the names given.
       New Parishioners – He received an email on a new couple coming to HT.  They are open to ministry here at the parish.  He will get a copy of the email to the staff.
Closing Prayer: Msgr. Mike led the staff in a closing prayer.
Next Meeting: September 7, 2011, 10AM-12Noon, KC Room

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